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COUNTY’S TASKS – statutory public tasks of a supra-municipal nature. The county performs a complementary and compensatory function in relation to municipalities in the scope of performed tasks, the catalogue of these tasks is legally defined. Categories of c.t. include: 1. technical infrastructure, 2. social infrastructure, 3. citizens’ security and order; 4. agriculture, forestry and water management, 5. promotion of the county and cooperation with non-governmental organisations, supporting the idea of local government. The mentioned groups of c.t. include in particular: 1. management of county roads, public transport, issuing a driving license, issuing opinions on the location of motorways; 2. pro-family policy, supporting people with disabilities, fighting alcoholism, counteracting epidemics, campaigns against drug addiction, counteracting unemployment and activating the local labor market, protecting consumer rights, maintaining county hospitals, culture and protection of monuments and care of monuments, tourism, education – secondary schools, construction and maintenance of school facilities; 3. tasks in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre, real estate management, architectural and construction administration, flood protection, fire protection and prevention of other extraordinary threats to life and health of people and the environment, maintenance of county facilities and public utilities and administrative facilities, defence cases; 4. protection of the environment and nature, agriculture, forestry and inland fishery. C.t. also include ensuring that the tasks of the heads of county services, inspections and guards specified in the Act are fulfilled (→ public tasks) [ E. Szulc-Wałecka ].

Literature: B. Dolnicki, Samorząd terytorialny, Warszawa 2009 ■ M. Kulesza, H. Izdebski, Administracja publiczna: zagadnienia ogólne, Warszawa 2004