National Sejmik of Local Government

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NATIONAL SEJMIK OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT– association acting in years 1990–1998 and located in Poznań, created in Gdańsk as a result of an initiative of delegates of local-government sejmiks from 48 voivodships (Legnickie voivodship did not join). The task of the NSLG was to develop initiatives and drafts of legal solutions regarding local government, give opinions on legal acts in this regard, exchange of experience of municipalities and associations of municipalities. The bodies of the NSLG were: Presidium (consisting of the presidents of voivodship sejmiks) and General Assembly (consisting of the presidents of voivodship sejmiks and one delegate from each voivodship). Within the NSLG the National Local-Government Research Institute was created in 1992 and a draft amendment to the local-government law was prepared, which provided for the creation of an obligatory National Chamber of Local Government. Strengthening the NSLG’s position was supported by the provisions of the Act of 14 December 1990 on the income of municipalities and the rules of their subsidization in 1991 and the amendment of the Act on local government, which considered it a temporary representation of the local government in the draft of the state budget. This representation was limited to the drafts of the state budget “until the creation of the nationwide representation of municipalities on the basis of separate provisions.” A similar solution was implemented in the Act of 10 December 1993 on financing municipalities, which were in force until the provisions regulating the creation of new units of local government – counties and voivodships (1 January 1999) became effective. With their creation, the voivodship self-government sejmiks ceased to exist. NSLG was also one of the creators of the → Joint Commission of Government and Local Government that came into being in 1993 – its representatives were members of the Commission until the end of the existence of the association. The NSLG was liquidated in 1999 as a result of the administrative reform [ M. Jęczarek ].

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